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Conroe, TX

I have an 08 single cab Chevy. I have been having problems with it lately. I constantly run out of gas. It says I have a quarter of a tank and a 100 mile duke range. But it dies because it's really empty. I bought extended warranty. I called to tell them my issue with the truck, because it was in the shop for the same issue 2 times already! The lady that I spoke to, Beverly, was very rude over the phone. She kept interrupting me. And she was very sarcastic with the situation, saying we should keep gas in it since we know we have this issue.

The next day, I took it into the service repair shop to be fixed. And I was supposed to get a rental vehicle while it was in the shop at least, that's what Beverly said. When I got there, they said that they were unable to give me a vehicle because it wasn't going to be in the shop for 24 hours! My extended warranty says once it's been 2 hours! I had to go to work. She then became frustrated and started throwing her book on her little stand, stomping away as if she was a little girl! I was amazed by how unhelpful she was. It's not that they couldn't put in me in a rental because my warranty covers it, but the fact that she wouldn't. I asked for the manager and he basically acted the same way! The service is ridiculous. Never go there!

We received lousy service this week on our Trailblazer. It needed major repairs, which cost $2,000. I'm not complaining about the cost. The problem is that the Service Department is poorly managed, in my estimation. They kept the car from Tuesday until Friday, and the only way we could keep up with what was going on was to drive 50 miles round trip three times. The service writer told me today that he was in training earlier in the week. In that case, the manager should have had someone else assigned to keep up with this project. We checked in on Wednesday, expecting to pick up the car, and were told that it needed an additional repair. We agreed that and left, expecting to be called the next day to pick up the car. Nobody called at all on Thursday.

We called this morning and were told that an additional $700 repair was needed. We agreed that. We called them again at 5 pm and were told that we could pick up the vehicle. When I asked to talk to the service manager, I was told that he was gone for the day. When I expressed my dissatisfaction with this situation, the service writer made excuses about being out for training and then told me that he had left a message on one of the numbers provided on Tuesday. We were out. He could have called the cell phone number provided, but did not.

This operation conveys the impression that they do as little as possible and that the customer isn't worth bothering to communicate with. I sent the dealership a complaint on their website that allows you to search for a car or otherwise comment. The email was simply forwarded to a salesman, who sent me a reply wanting to sell me a car. This means that nobody even read this message!

Contrast this reprehensible behavior with DeMontrond Cadillac, located next door to Buckalew. When my Cadillac is in for service, the Service Manager, Dan, keeps me apprised of what's going on and calls both of my phone numbers if necessary. It seems to me that GM dealerships should provide good service whether I'm driving the least expensive or the most expensive car offered by GM.

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